Bali International Hospital is designed to become the leading medical tourism destination in Indonesia - managed by IHC (Indonesia Healthcare Corporation) and scheduled to open by the first quarter of 2024. BIH has cooperated with Mayo Clinic, the most trusted institution in the world’s healthcare industry, in building design, governance and culture, medical services, quality assurance and academics, with a view to positioning quality, safety, and patient experience at the highest international standards.

Why choosing Bali International Hospital?

  1. Our dedicated team of specialists adheres to the most updated guidelines, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.
  2. Our experts from various fields collaborate to develop comprehensive treatment plans for your needs.
  3. Our swift and efficient team is always prepared to handle emergencies, maintaining quality assurance and ensuring you receive immediate attention when it matters most.
  4. Our compassionate and skilled nursing staff is dedicated to your comfort and well-being throughout your stay.
  5. Our Center of Excellence for CONGO (Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology,Gastroenterohepatology, Orthopedic), supported by the most advanced health technology to make sure you recieve the best treatment available.
  6. Our child-friendly environment and expert pediatricians provide a nurturing and safe space for children to heal and thrive. Similarly, our woman center is designed to cater to the specific healthcare needs of women, offering comprehensive services that encompass every stage of a woman's life.
  7. Our integrative clinic goes beyond symptom management, focusing on empowering you to take an active role in your own health. We provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to make informed decisions about your care and to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Our Signature Services

  • Rapid respond emergency
  • Diagnostic Center (Health Check Up & Screening Tests, Prevention & Detection Packages)
  • Prevention & Detection Packages (Cancers, Cardiovascular & Neurovascular diseases, Diabetes and Systemic Disease, Osteoporosis)
  • Palliative medicine (medical rehabilitation)
  • Medical Tourism Packages (Premium Concierge Services, Bali Travel & Hospitality Services)

Medical Advisory Board

Prof. dr. Djoko Santoso, PhD, SpPD, KGH, FINASIM


Prof. Dr. dr Nicolaas C. Budhiparama, SpOT (k), FICS,MD, PhD


dr. Achmad Sunarya Soerianata, dr., Sp.JP (K), FIHA


Prof. Dr. dr. Aru W Sudoyo, dr., Sp.PD-KHOM.FINASIM, FACP


dr. Nizar Yamanie, dr., Sp.S (K)


Prof. Dr. dr. Soehartati Argadikoesoema Gondhowiardjo, dr., Sp.Rad(K)Onk


Prof. Dr. dr. Syafri K Arif, dr., Sp.AN, KIC, KAKV


Prof. Dr. dr. Yudi Mulyana Hidayat, dr., Sp.OG (K), D.MAS


dr. I Made Darmajaya, Sp.B, Sp.BA (K) MARS